Website SEO Audit Assessment via Video

Normal Price $195

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Great for Small Business Owners, Web Developers, Consultants, and Marketers of clients websites 


Detailed but easy to understand and easy to implement recommendations. Avoid the reams of paper with lists of things you don’t understand.

We provide a 30min video assessment that you can watch. That way you can see exactly what needs to be done to improve your website SEO and move up higher in the rankings

Ideal if

1. You have recently changed your website and are worried you have lost traffic
2. You want to check if you should upgrade a website
3. You want to check the SEO on a brand new website
4. You want to check if SEO is actually being done on your website
5. You want to see what the opportunities are for your website

If you would like to see an example 1st then please contact us and we will send you a link to a real review we have done.