Video SEO and Video Marketing Services

For those who want to build a sustainable business that lasts into the future and who are keen to improve the impact they have on people, animals and the environment.

A video needs to be seen to generate clients

Video SEOHaving a great video is one thing. However you need to get eyes on the video in order to find new clients.



1. Video SEO and Marketing of Videos you already have

Spent $100’s or $1000’s on a video with little or no return?

We can optimise the video for you and market the video on Facebook and YouTube

  • Video optimised for 3 suburbs (if relevant) or a type of product and ranked in Google and Youtube
  • No lengthy contract, month by month. While you are with us you get sole rights to those suburbs or product keywords.
  • Monthly report including – Rankings in Google and YouTube, YouTube traffic stats, Facebook stats

Return on Investment

Think about the lifetime value of a client to you. If the lifetime value is $5000 or $10,000 and you invest $1000 a month and get one or two new clients a month then happy days. However, if the lifetime value is $100 you are going to need at least 10 clients a month to break even. So video SEO and Marketing may not be the best choice. It all depends on how likely your kind of client is to contact you about your service or buy your product after watching a video.

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Level 1 – $1000 a month – ideal for less competitive keywords & suburbs and lower conversions from Facebook and YouTube
Level 2 – $1500 a month – Medium competition and conversions
Level 3 – $2000 a month – High Competition and conversions
Unlimited – for those who have the capacity to drive high levels of conversions with Facebook and YouTube marketing

No contracts, monthly reports provided

Don’t have a video! Contact Us and we can find a video company close by, that will produce the kind of video (like the one below) that we need to get the best results for you. A video that tells your story and allows your ideal customers to connect with you.


2. Review Video Offer $197 Special – Creation and Ranking

$197 Business Review Video Offer ( Valued at $397 )

Benefits to You and Your Business

1.Increase conversions of referrals to clients from Google searches

We take your 5 star reviews and use them to make a video. We rank the video on the 1st page of Google so it catches people’s attention. Potential clients see your best reviews and want to hire you.

2. Increase conversions from your website and social media

You get a copy of the video and you can promote the video on your social media and add it to your website testimonials or home page. This can help to increase the number of website visitors that contact you.

3. High Quality Backlink

You get a link from a YouTube channel focused solely on small businesses to your website. This can help your website rank higher in Google

4. Reputation management
Helps to push unjustified or incorrect reviews on forums and other websites further down the first page of Google

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Please Note:

*You will need to have at least five reviews for us to make the video
* Health practitioners in Australia are not allowed to use reviews to promote their business. So we are unable to make these video for you. See above and below for videos we can help with.




3. SEO for your YouTube Channel and Videos 

YouTube Video Optimisation and YouTube Channel Optimisation

Want your videos to rank in YouTube and Google and bring you clients?

Most videos get 60-70% of their traffic from people who search in YouTube and Google. (Not viral views)

We help to make sure that the videos you put your money, life and soul into creating can be found for years to come and bring you traffic and sales.

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