Website SEO Shielding 

Maintain your website Traffic and enquiries when your new site goes live.

Your website will not magically come back after a redevelopment. The SEO needs to be transferred from the old site to the new site
Most Web Developers do not know what the SEO is that needs to be transferred.

This service is only available prior to your website going live.
It is not possible after your site is live. If your new site is already live you will need the recovery service below.
It’s is 10x harder to recover a website’s SEO then it is to shield a website’s SEO.

So it’s in everyone’s best interest to give us access before the site goes live.
Therefore helping to protect your website so you keep your rankings, enquiries and therefore sales during a website redevelopment.

Prior to website launch – $995 then $250 a month for 2 months

Contact Us asap to book your site in (we need at least 5 business days before the site goes live).


Website SEO Recovery 

Once a new website has been set live it takes a lot more work then if we were able to shield the SEO  in the 1st place

If your site has gone live in the last 2 weeks

Investment – $1995 upfront and $500 a month for 2-4 months.

If your new website has been live for longer then 2 weeks

Investment – $1995 upfront and $1000 a month for at least 6 months.

Full site assessment, discovering 404 pages and creating 301 redirects, transferring across SEO titles and descriptions. Checking for other ranking factors on the previous site that need to be transferred across, fixing broken links and more.

Contact Us asap to book your site in.


DIY Website Shielding and Recovery

1. How to Shield your Website – Click Here for access to an 8 min video training
2. Website Shielding and Recovery Advanced – coming soon