Attract Clients to Your WordPress Website

Using SEO we build your business so it’s sustainable into the future. Website SEO is a long term strategy.

Do you have a 2-5 year plan or longer for your business?

If so SEO for the long term can enable you to fill your books, employ more staff or even franchise.

We also love to work with businesses that
want to continue to improve the impact they have on


Website SEO Shielding

Protect your website during a redevelopment!

Maintain your website traffic and rankings when your new site goes live.

Website SEO Recovery

Have you had a website redeveloped in the last 6 months and lost your leads and enquiries?

We may be able to recover your SEO and get you back in the rankings.

Shielding and Recovery

Video SEO

Have your videos optimised so they show up in Google and Youtube searches.

YouTube SEO

We can also optimise YouTube channels and all the videos on the channel.


Visit our SEO training channel.

“Beanie SEO”

You can request videos on any topic.

SEO Training

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