Benefits of SEO

  • A high enough investment in SEO creates significant business growth over the long term enabling you to put on more staff, take holidays, expand to more locations and help more people.
  • Long term much cheaper than AdWords or Facebook ads for most businesses and better ROI
  • It gives you a more saleable businesses
  • Brings people to your website who are already looking for your products and services.
  • Gives you a Higher Brand credibility as people trust Google
  • You can take a payment break if needed and still get traffic and clients
  • You can do some of it yourself getting more bang for your $


This client has been investing $1000 a month since 2016. Initially their website was getting little to no traffic from Google. If they wanted to get the same traffic from Adwords (that they are currently getting from ongoing SEO) it would now cost them over $10,000 a month

Do you have a 2-5 year or longer business plan?

Long Term WordPress SEO can enable you to fill your books, employ more staff or even franchise.

We love to help businesses grow.

SEO Shielding and recovery


Protect your SEO prior to a new website launch!


Recover your SEO after a website redevelopment!

YouTube SEO

Individual Video SEO

Videos optimised to show up in Google and Youtube searches.

YouTube Channel SEO

Optimising YouTube channels and all the videos on the channel.

SEO Training

Visit our SEO training channel.

“Golden Cat SEO”

You can request videos on any topic.

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Niche Specific Marketing and SEO Training

Request a Detailed $195 Website or YouTUbe SEO Assessment
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We especially love to work with businesses who provide organic, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and natural health based services and products