DIY SEO tip 2

How to attract your ideal client to your home page

SEO title is the text in purple or blue. You only have a limited amount of space.

Use this tool to craft your own titles

Great SEO Homepage Titles

Have the keyword phrase at the very start of the title that relates to the searches done by your most important potential clients
great website SEO title Website SEO title example 8

SEO Homepage titles that need re-ordering

Business name should be at the end or if it is in the url (in green) they may not be needed in the title at all
SEO Homepage TitlesSEO Homepage Titles

SEO Hompage titles that could be improved

Need keyword phrases at the start that relate to searches made by their most important client
Website SEO title example 4
Website SEO title example 2

Website SEO title example 5

Watch the video below to find out more about creating optimum SEO titles for your small business website home page

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