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At Fruitful Online, we have created an exciting new product for small businesses: Business Video Marketing including our Business Review Video.

This video marketing service allows you to:

  • promote your 5-star reviews and testimonials
  • rank on the first page of Google when people search for reviews of your business
  • increase your customer base
  • boost the online reputation of your business.


How the Business Review Video works

  1. We compile your 5-star customer reviews and create a short (30 sec) marketing video.
  2. We optimise this video in YouTube for keywords like your business name and the word ‘reviews’.
  3. When people search Google for reviews of your business, this video will display on the first page.
  4. The video shows potential customers that you are credible, trustworthy, and that other people like you.
  5. Customers contact you for business.

Benefits to You and Your Business

  1. More conversions of referrals to clients
  2. High Quality Backlink from YouTube to your website
  3. Reputation management

Watch examples of Our Business Review Video

Want to see what we’re talking about in action? You can watch examples of Business Review Videos we’ve made for our clients who are now reaping the rewards. 

See the amazing client results

We’ve had great success ranking our Business Review Videos on the front page of Google in a very short space of time.

Check out these amazing client results.

Get your Business Review Video 

How much is this amazing video marketing product that ranks your 5-star reviews on the front page of Google? At the moment, it’s only $197 .

A marketing video of this kind is usually valued at $397, but for a very short time, we’re offering it to you at our introductory price of just $197.

But be sure to act quickly. Because once we’ve wrapped up our special offer, these videos will cost $397.

Order a Business Review Video

If you’d like to order a Business Review Video from Fruitful Online for the special low price of $197 click here. You can also email or call us.

What you need to provide

To get started on your video, we’ll need at least five ‘5-star’ reviews or positive testimonials. These reviews can be from sources such as:

  • social media (Facebook, Google+, etc.)
  • website reviews / testimonials (your own site or an external site)
  • email feedback.

And if you are the kind of business who also has images of your customers (e.g. a Real Estate Agent), these are very handy.

Order a video and grow your business

Please Note:

*You will need to have at least five reviews for us to make the video
* Health practitioners in Australia are not allowed to use reviews to promote their business. So we are unable to make these video for you. See above and below for videos we can help with.

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