For those who want to build a sustainable business that lasts into the future and who are keen to improve the impact, they have on people, animals and the environment.

We specialise in WordPress SEO  – websites built in WordPress

SEO is a long term strategy which means that for the if you have a brand new website it will take 9-12 months for the SEO to kick in in a significant way and in the 1st 6-9 months you may not get any new leads at all. With a website that has been around for a few years, it can take up to six months to start seeing an SEO impact. However, after 2-3 years our clients end up with waiting lists, needing to employ new staff or even the ability to franchise.

See Case Studies of Our Clients Results

The graph below shows the kind of results you can expect from SEO and the time frame in which they occur. 
SEO Curve

Website SEO Packages including GST

We only provide this service for websites built in WordPress

Package Plum Apple Peach Mango Melon
Investment monthly $750 $1000 $1500 $2000 $3000
SEO report Monthly Monthly Monthly  Monthly Monthly
Rec minimum 12-18 mths 9-12 mths 9-12 mths  9-12 mths 6-12 mths
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No Contract, you can cancel at the start of any month.

When you are happy with your level of leads and just want to maintain that (rather than grow) we may be able to reduce your monthly SEO to $550 a month. We then reduce our reporting to every two months so we can spend more time on doing work and less time on creating the report.


We only take on 1-2 new clients a month unless one of our clients goes on a break.

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Website SEO Tasks

We have a checklist of 70 tasks. Some of these are one-off tasks and some are tasks we do on a monthly ongoing basis

Examples of SEO Set Up tasks 

  1. Check your WordPress Settings to ensure they are the best settings for SEO
  2. Installing WordPress plugins that are necessary for SEO and setting them up for you
  3. Setting up and or accessing and checking Google Analytics
  4. Setting up and or accessing Google Webmaster Tools and using it to download a list of your backlinks, checking for errors (eg 404) and page indexing, and submitting your sitemap if required while also checking for any other errors
  5. Submitting your website to Bing and sitemap to Bing Webmaster tools
  6. Using Screaming frog website scrapper to get a list of all your current pages, SEO titles and Descriptions, Urls’, heading tags and more so these can be assessed for any errors
  7. Checking for any website errors in the pages that are indexed in Google
  8. Checking your 404 error page to see if it is user-friendly
  9. Checking if your website is mobile friendly
  10. Ensuring Address and location details are visible
  11. Use Copyscape.com and Siteliner.com to check for duplicate content on your website
  12. Keyword research to find the most effective keywords phrases for your home page and service pages on your website.
  13. Adding your keywords to keyword ranking software
  14. Optimise all your current service pages/blog posts/products with appropriate keywords in the SEO title, meta description, H1, H2, image tags and urls. (obviously, the time taken to do this can vary greatly if a site has 10 pages compared to 1000 pages)
  15. Internal linking and calls to action if required
  16. Setting up and or optimising your Google Plus Business Page

Ongoing SEO tasks

The most important tasks for your website are always done first to give you the best chance to rank as quickly as possible. For some sites this may be on site SEO for other sites it may be offsite SEO (eg On-site SEO titles may be the critical thing, or Off-site link removal may be the critical thing required). Each month the tasks are prioritised based on the results from the month before.

On-site SEO:

  • Correction of any further website errors that appear in Google Webmaster Tools or other web checking software (it is surprising how much we need to fix each month)
  • Further checking for duplicate content
  • Further keyword research for phrases and questions for extra service pages, blog posts or product pages.
  • Keyword targeted blog posts added to your website. Can be written for you, or you can write the content and it will be posted on your website and SEO’d for you.

Off-site SEO:

  • Checking all your backlinks each month. Organising link removal if needed
  • Creating a list of all the directories you are currently listed in, checking these for accuracy and requesting changes.
  • Adding you to high-quality business directories you are not already in.
  • Creating a list of all your competitor’s backlinks and acquiring any links we can
  • Creation of Youtube videos and optimisation
  • Creation of other social media accounts and posting on these if relevant eg Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook,


  • Reports show work completed that month
  • Reports show best rankings for the month and SEO traffic from Google Analytics


Listings for Local Business

Investment: $397 incl GST per 10 listings

For each set of 10 directories we either
List you in the directory as a new listing.
Update a listing that is incorrect.

If we find a correct listing in a directory we will note that for you but won’t include it in the 10

We start with the directories that have the highest impact 1st

This can be done on a monthly basis where we check and add you to 10 directories a month.  Or you could invest in 40 directories up front. Directory listings are all done manually by staff in Australia. Directory listings help you rank for your business name as well as city and suburb keywords. You receive a list of all your directory listings and passwords if provided by the directory.


Content Writing

We recommend Ross Hope for website content writing. He does all the writing for our clients.

See his rates here – www.rosshope.com


Keyword Research

1. Research around volume of searches in a niche for potential book or domain names.

$500 + GST

2. Research for pages that you already have on your website – see example

$75 a page + GST


To book an appointment to discus your website please phone 0422 900 576 or email me. Otherwise click the link to see results from past and current clients