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Empowering Clients through Knowledge. Instead of having trade secrets we show you everything

To generate more business for local sustainable, eco friendly, organic, natural health and social impact businesses in Australia through our SEO services.

For every client we service every month we give a work/business opportunity to someone who is disadvantaged. Or help disadvantaged children, animals and the environment. See more here

Sustainable SEO

We are SEO Specialists for WordPress and YouTube because we love it. We are based in Brisbane and service small local business throughout Australia. We are a social enterprise and for every business we service in Australia we help someone who is disadvantaged.

Helping local, sustainable, eco friendly, organic, natural health and social enterprise businesses outrank non sustainable competitors in Australia while giving opportunity to the disadvantaged.

We believe that every dollar you spend creates the world we live in. So we work with businesses who want to make the world a better place with the products and services they offer.

We have a dream of a world where everything is 100% recycled, zero waste, and business is carried out from the heart and people are truly put before profit.

WordPress SEO Specialist

We specialise in Small Business SEO for WordPress for sustainable, eco friendly, organic, local, natural health and social impact businesses

Local SEO

Local SEO helps people in your local area find you and therefore creates less environmental impact for delivery of products and services

We create and rank videos in Google and Youtube. You can also Subscribe to our Beanie SEO YouTube Channel and learn how to outrank your non sustainable competitors

Our SEO tips and news ensure you don’t get left behind in the rapidly changing world of SEO.

Other Companies We Use and Highly Recommend
SEO friendly WordPress Themes

SEO Friendly Themes

Find Responsive SEO Friendly Themes for WordPress. Look good from large desktops to small mobile devices

My Presences

My Presences

This is the software we use to track our clients listings on business directories, find incorrect listings and boost our clients rankings

Small Business SEO Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking

We use ProRank Tracker to track our clients website rankings and highly recommend it for both price and the data provided

WordPress Design, Hosting, Updates

Some companies that we recommend if you need a new website, hosting or website backup and updates

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